After a while of seeing it in the news for so long, I have decided to weigh in on the controversy.  As many of you may know, Rush Limbaugh is in hot water over over comments he made about Sandra Fluke.  Now I have never listened to Rush in my life and I don't plan too, but what is being done to him should outrage all who make a living, or simply spread their ideas, through mass communication.  He made a poor choice of words.  It happens.  It happens to all of us at some point in time.  And he apologized for it (which is more than can be said for other people) so lets all just move on.  

But we haven't, and that is why I'm writing now.  In fact I am responding to what Bill Maher recently said.   He said that what he said about Sarah Palin is fine because she is a public figure, but what Rush said abut Sandra Fluke is bad because she is a private cititzen.  That is bullshit!  The minute Fluke testified before Congress she became a public figure, her private citizen status evaporated, and she became fair game for all professional (and amateur) commentators.  Claiming Fluke is a private citizen is just a cover not only for their own foul language, but to hide essence of her testimony, which was that a religious educational institution must be forced to buy constrceptives for their student regardless of stated religious doctrine. 

And that's the rub.  This whole controversy is noting more than a smokescreen designed to distract us from the mandate forcing religious institutions to go against their beliefs.  That is the real issue, and that is what people should be focusing on.  Not Rush's misogymy.  Not even other people's misogymy.  While is shoud be addressed, rampant misogymy in communications should take a backseat while the religious mandate is solved.

As for Rush's comment.  He called her a slut.  So what?  I have hear plenty of women call each other slut and laugh!  I remember Kim Kardashian call her sisters sluts and all three women were laughing at it.  Lots of women in Sitcoms and in real life call each other sluts, and are proud of being sluts let alone being called a slut.  There was a freaking SlutWalk not too long ago (April 3, 2011 (hey almost the anniversary, wonder if they'll have a second one on that date with the controversy so fresh)) where women were told to be proud of being called sluts.  So is 'slut' such a bad word anymore?  And if anyone says that only women may now call each other sluts, that it is their word, you may go to Hell!  I hate that belief, it needs to end!  And soon.

And done.  That's my two cents.


11/14/2014 2:33am

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