No news, just an update on what I'm doing.  I'm 3/4ths of the way done with the story outline, and will be ready to start really writing sometime before the year ends.  See the latest chapter rough draft I put up here.  Give me all comments that you have, I could use it all.  

As always, Enjoy.
Once again, it's been a long time since I reported on anything.  As usual, I've posted more of my SciFi story on the site, found here.  Not much else to report, except that I'm making slow progress on the story.  

Also, I've come up with a new fantasy story to tell sometime in the future.  It will be set in a world with highly destructive and ubiquitous magic along side advanced steam-powered technology, in a bit of a conflict with one another.  Why would I tell you this if I'm no where near setting this down to paper.  Because I want you to know that I have found a use for the old geography of Ubernorden.  I know that you probably don't know what that old geography looks like, but I thought you would like to know.

As always, Enjoy.
Once again, I have changed my mind about how to do something.  It is not as radical as discarding my previous rough draft to write a new one.  Far from it in fact.  I have decided to take my previous rough draft back and use it as a stepping stone from now on.  

As I was starting on the new rough draft I began to realize that I was just trying to rewrite what I had already written.  Nothing much was going to be different, just adding some details.  So I have combined the two drafts and I hope that it will turn out just as I hope it will.  

As a reward for your patience, I am submitting a new chapter to the site.  Please review and crtique it as you will.

As Always, Enjoy.
A new part of the SciFi story is up here.  It is the rough outline of the prologue of the book.  Tell me what you think of it, and remember, it is a rough outline, not something I plan to actually publish.
I have yet another announcement for all of you.  Writing of sci-fi novel I'm working on was going quite slow.  Also, I was coming up with new ideas and additions for the things I had already written about.  So I made a drastic, but I think necessary, decision.  I have scrapped the rough draft I was working on and starting over.  In addition to starting the story the way I want it too (with all the additions attached to it), I also will be writing something akin to a stream of consciousness writing.  The last, and very incomplete, rough draft I had been working on contained as much dialogue as I thought was needed.  That was bad, because I thought that it was clunky and didn't flow at all.  Now, I'll have a solid and workable plot where I can add dialogue where I think it appropriate rather than put in just to be in.

The rough draft I already posted will still be on the site, and I'll put the rest up at a later point.  So you can still see where I was going and how it should go.

As always, Enjoy.
It has been a while, but I output a new chapter for my upcoming novel, as seen here.  Please feel free to post comments about it, so I can improve upon the narrative.  
It has been a long time coming.  As you might be aware, I have put additional Tales of Ubernorden stories on hold to write down a SciFi novel that has been in my head for quite some time.  It has been slow going thanks to by easily distracted nature and lack of real time to just sit down and write.  But here is the first chapter of my prospective novel for your review and comments.  Please do so, I as really do wish to publish this in book for sometime and your comments will make this a much better work of art.  Also fair warning, this is only a prospective chapter one as I think this should be a second chapter, or maybe I'm thinking of a prologue.  Haven't figured it out yet.

As always, Enjoy.
Just when I was about ready to put my nose to the millstone and really crank out some writing for my story (honestly, I was), work gets in the way with overtime opportunity.  Including a work on a Sunday.  As you no doubt have guessed, that means that I have not had much time to work on my story.  But rest assured, I have not been resting on my laurels.  Ideas have been percolating in my head this entire week and I will put them to paper at my earliest convenience.  

Yes, yes.  It sounds like I am just making excuses.  But I really, truly hadn't had a whole lot of time to manage anything the past couple of weeks.  That will change though, I promise.

As Always, Enjoy.  

This past week was not good for getting any work done.  There were some family things that I had to do, and it left little time to get anything done.  Also I realized that my scheduling plan wasn't as good as I originally thought.  But I am still making the commitment. 

I have gotten some good writing done and am getting through in good time.  Maybe.  I really need to start prioritizing this more, but I am also a notorious procrastinator.  We shall see.

As always, Enjoy.
It has been far too long since last time I've been on this blog.  And that is my fault entirely.  I am not normally a social person, just one step up from being a misanthrope.  So it rarely occurs to me to talk to you, my loyal viewers.  But that is going to change.  For I have made a New Years' Resolution to do a better job of communicating with you.  As such, there will be more frequent postings of things I want to say for your amusement.

Furthermore, I will be making a better effort to work on the draft of my latest story, the scifi one, not a Tales of Ubernorden one.  Tales of Ubernorden is still in my heart as a great place for adventure, but the scifi story is currently in my thoughts.  I just felt that a break was in order as the holidays were coming up, and later, I needed to acclimate myself to a new situation.  So I will be tackling that one.  I will be publishing chapters on the sight for you to review as your opinions will only help me to make a better story.  And to tell the truth, I want for this one to be published as a real book.  

This is not a new idea with me.  I always intended to have my Tales of Ubernorden stories published as a book, but I wanted to wait until I had more stories to throw in.  But now that I am concentrating on the scifi story, I will try to get that one published.  

So, that is all I wanted to say today.  I do hope I didn't loose anyone with the long, long hiatus.  And here is a link to a tentative background to the scifi story.

As always, Enjoy.